Movement Confidence without Context.

For individuals, groups, friends, strangers and families....


The 4 practices of Movement Confidence as listed below, act as an application for fostering more confident movement, surely. More importantly, they serve to invite greater connectedness toward others, and encourage a deeper and more purposeful action within all our practices.


There is no linear progression inside of the 4 practices and no hierarchy of action.


Everything happens, always, at the exact same time.



Introspection is a creative process, and so to is moving. The graceinmvmnt coaching program is an in person or online offering that points to the interplay between the two.  The 4 Practices of Movement Confidence are the superstructure for this 12 week program cycle....

The graceinmvmnt 5 day Immersion provides an opportunity to work with me on a more intimate level in my home in Los Angeles. It was born out of a desire to further investigate the depth of human relationships from the perspective of talking, shaping and forging new movement. A LIVING MOVEMENT, so to speak...

The graceinmvmnt WORKSHOP is a two day introduction to The 4 Practices of Movement Confidence. These events are uniquely structured and suited to your groups dynamic needs, and are ideal for any company, partnership or community looking to expand their practice of creative collaboration and movement centered problem solving within their group...


"Coaching with Nick is honestly one of the most rewarding things I've done, and something I'd recommend if you're willing and ready to be challenged and grow."

~Miriam, Remote Coaching Student (London)

"My very concept of strength is forever altered and expanded...He is the greatest coach I have ever had and more importantly, a friend for life. I trust him implicitly..."

~Adrian, Remote Coaching Student (San Francisco)

"Learning how to EXPRESS with Movement, is a tool I constantly use now! Thanks Nick!!"

~Jorge, Workshop Participant (Arizona)

"Working with Nick is so much more than a physical experience. It's a social and even an emotional exploration..."

~D.J .Murakami, Immersion Participant (San Diego)


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