Uncovering or recovering your MOVEMENT CONFIDENCE

Your friend invites you to that ecstatic dance class she's been raving about, and the teacher shouts out to the room, "Give over to the beat, this music has been carefully curated, abandon yourself of the need to make any choice at all, but the one that feels good and true and free!"


And, you know this teacher is right, but you hate yourself and you hate the room and you hate this teacher for asking something of you that you can't begin to know how to give.


An ecstatic and expressive body, yours isn't.


It's the same story wherever you go.


You hug the familiar conveyor that is the treadmill at the gym, you try out another crossfit class, hoping that this time the iron and the intensity and the tribal enthusiasm will rub off. You are skeptical of the authenticity of your SoulCycle instructor’s tears. That T.T. Trapezoid Peach Moonstone Necklace isn’t working the magic you had hoped it might.


You fold your arms and shift your aching hips in the corners of another disappointing party.


Your disconnect with others, friends, family, lovers is growing steadily by the day. You feel angry, and you might be lonely and you’re most certainly unhappy, and yet not entirely certain that unhappy is the right word for it.


You think maybe a better ratio of brain dust to dream dust might take some of the edge off your anxiety.


Your therapist suggests some light yoga, and maybe you like the idea of that and maybe you don't. Your therapist suggests something more altruistic, but man you just feel too bad to make others feel good.


Again, you’re not altogether sure. You decide to meditate on it. You purchase a candle and a mantra and close your eyes and ask that deepest part of you, "What is it that you’re after?”


Your spirit shrinks and your shoulders shrug, for that's all your shoulders know to do, and that deepest part of you answers back in earnest, "I have no idea". 


Do you feel me? I feel you. Our isolation is not a private experience. Our lack is no lack at all.  Building the environment and developing the thought process to Restore, Refine and Release a Moving Confidence is no solo endeavor.


It begs our full participation. It asks our willingness. It challenges our safely guarded motives.


What we are after is not better movement or more movement, and not even movement for the sake of movement, but rather a higher plane of moving, thinking, being, giving, reshaping the lens on how we view and approach our public and private well-being.


This is the practice.


Movement, merely an entry point to a much greater potential...




The more interest I develop for movement and the practice and experience of moving, the less interest I have toward its form and the metrics we use for quantifying it.


Personal development is merely a signpost in the greater journey of service to something outside of ourselves, never ending and never an end.


For, Self Improvement is an illusion, and the myriad of industries and institutions and professionals who sell it, erroneous.


A concept of oneself cannot be bought. 


We find it along the way.


Maybe we bask in its illusory warmth and smile at the fleeting thrill of it.


The real joy, however, comes from our gratitude for the process and the grace that falls upon us as we share its beauty with another.


I see a true moving practice to be an encapsulation of all things internal & external, grounded & mystical, bold & subversive, a spiritual progression embodied and expressed.


The 4 practices of Movement Confidence as listed below, act as an application for fostering more confident movement, surely.


More importantly, they serve to invite greater connectedness toward others, and encourage a deeper and more purposeful action within all our practices.


There is no linear progression inside of the 4 practices and no hierarchy of action.


Everything happens,


at the exact same time.

-the 4 practices of movement confidence


Curiosity - Openness to a process, willingness to give over to it and also question it, and intention to find one’s own way through it.

Take the assignment,

make the assignment yours.


Creation - Learning has its place. At a certain point we must lead, create, serve our perceived principles of moving.


Composition is a departure.


A bold expression, not eschewing what we’ve learned, but pushing forward into a creative gesture that is self-developed.


When we are composing, no deference is paid and all work is one’s own. 



Contact is an awareness of and a responsiveness to the spatial relationship between ourselves and others.


Contact can never be taken for granted, but must always be tuned into and taken care of.


When it does bring us into physical touch, we experience the personal sensation of the wholly present moment, while also being presented with that which we communicate, teach and express to another.


Ultimately, it acts as a physical manifestation of giving and receiving, an Empathic Moving Study. 


Freedom is not contextual. It is not a special place, an inebriated state. It is a sober, decisive Reality.


Behold it! 



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